10 Clever, Simple and Effective DIY Kitchen Storage Ideas

Let’s face it, very few of us have enough storage space in or kitchen and even on a good day somehow you can’t help but feel demoralized. The thought of preparing a meal in such limited space just doesn’t seem like an enticing idea and instead it becomes more of a battle between you, the cooker and finding enough space in which to do any preparation. Well unsurprisingly there is still plenty of space in your kitchen that you can use for effective and efficient storage as there’s nothing worse than spending ten minutes looking for that jar of paprika that you know you’ve seen, but just can’t remember in which cupboard!

Well so much of what we store on shelves can be stored elsewhere, as we will show you with these great ideas, freeing up more space for you to put things out of the way and leaving you with a little more elbow room.

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Well who would have thought an old sledge would turn into the perfect pot rack? When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense (well not the sledge maybe) but we have so much space above our head we never use!

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Not all our walls are covered with cupboards, so why not get creative with a peg board? If you like the natural color then just leave it as it is, or if you prefer a bit of color, then put a nice frame round it and paint it any color you want, or the same color as the walls for it to blend in.

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The problem with storing cutlery is traditionally we do it horizontally, and thus leaving over three quarters of the drawer space unused. Create vertical storage in a deeper drawer and use the cutlery drawer for something that will fill all the space.

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Okay, we know this isn’t storage for kitchen items, but we couldn’t resist showing how clever and effective putting sliding baskets in your fridge can be.

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And while we’re on the subject of fridges, if you’ve only got a small one, chances are that at the back there’s a jar or four of stuff you haven’t used in ages and have probably forgotten is there. We love this simple idea of putting a small turntable on the shelf to solve the problem of getting jars located at the back, as well as adding a wire rack to create some extra room.

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Talk about bringing the garden onto the kitchen. Where this trellis may have once been used to support a climbing rose, now it can be used to support your pots and pans, along with baskets for storing utensils in!

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Okay, we all tend to cover the front of our fridges with magnets, postcards, drawings and family photos, as well as a shopping list if we are really organized. But how often do we use the sides? We love this clever idea of using magnetic storage tins for creating a clever ‘spice rack’.

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Lids can be so annoying as they aren’t easy to store and take up almost as much room as the pots. Problem solved with this simple magazine rack you can easily fix to the side of your cupboard!

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Chopping boards, baking trays and trays are also a nuisance to store away. However, if you invest in some simple extendable tension rods, you can create vertical divisions in your cupboard to make everything tidy and still accessible.

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We adore the simplicity of this great storage idea for spray bottles. Just create a bar across the cupboard under your sink with a tension rod and then hang your bottles from it – this will create so much more space and also keep your bottles a lot tidier than they probably are right now!

Keep an eye on this space for more handy DIY tips and don’t forget to send these ideas on to your friend; we bet they’ll use at least a couple of them in their own kitchen, as we reckon you will too!



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