Stunning Wedding Dresses from Berta – Now you’ve Got to Get Married!


Lace, lace, lace, three times lace! On so many wedding dresses lace is used as a trim, an accessory, almost an afterthought but not where Egyptian wedding dress designer Berta is concerned. Here in her most recent range of stunning wedding dresses lace is very much the focus of attention, second only to the bride of course! With a nude flesh toned background, the crisp detail design and in places clean white lines of the pattern standout, but not too much.

We have been a fan of Berta for quite some time. Hers is a name you may not be familiar with, but it is only right that you should be as she most definitely has a remarkable eye for intricate detail as can be seen in so many of these to die for dresses. There is no question that these designs would not suit the shy and retiring bride, but there is certainly no reason why those of you who wish to leave a lasting impression on your wedding day should not consider such daring designs.

Certainly one of the impressions we are left with from the sculpting of one or two of these notably individual designs is the sense of ‘mermaid’. It is a remarkably clever talent this designer has to be daring without being outrageous, to be unique without overshadowing the bride, to eke out every last drop of beauty from the material being used. Each and every one of her dresses not only pays the highest of compliments to each and every bride-to-be but also pays the utmost respect to the delicate materials being used.

Berta’s calling card tends to be ‘less is more’, and certainly a number of these designs confirm this. However, we would not consider these to be the Princess style wedding dress that many of you may have dreamt of wearing since you were a child, but as we all know, our tastes mature as we get older. We think you will be blown away by the stunning designs and hope you will enjoy sharing them with your friends.

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