Three Completely Nontraditional Gowns that Rebel Brides Will Love

Three Completely Nontraditional Gowns that Rebel Brides Will Love

Let’s face it, not all brides believe in dressing in white, stiff, and boring wedding gowns that are likened to the classic southern belle, ballrooming gown. If you are a bride that prefers a unique and lesser scene look as you walk down the aisle and cut-out gowns just are not doing it for you, feast your eyes on these three gowns the rebel brides will love.

1. I Love My Lace and Silk, But I Love My Midriff Too

This gown boasts several features not usually seen on wedding gowns such as pockets and then of course the bold midriff top. If you have spent a year working on your abs especially for your wedding, why not show off a bit of your hard work! This gown is especially a winner for Frozen fans! Channel all your queen Elsa as you walk down the aisle!


2. I am Still Traditional in White, But I Still Have a Bit of Edge

Let your guests know while you are a traditional girl, you still like a bit of edge with this barely there midriff top gown. This is a great gown for a girl who is traditional enough to wear white, but most certainly has her own opinion about style!


3. I am a Show Stopping Bride, You Will Turn, Look, and Stare

For brides who want to ensure that all eyes remain on them, this gown is perfect for getting a double and maybe even a triple take as you take a very opinionated stroll down the aisle. This gown has it all, the midriff, the drama, and the attitude that you came out on your wedding day and you are going to “do you”. Have fun!