4 Things You Need for a Creative Backyard Wedding

For Shane and Jaime, their union was not one that would be ordinary, or even run of the mill, this couple showed the world how to get married under the “Big Top” with style during their backyard ceremony. Photographer Ryan Polei captured every special moment of their circus-themed affair with brilliance and artistry that took the creativity of their union to a new, fun level.  Just when you thought you have seen all the wedding themes that are fun and creative, Shane and Jaime shattered every choreographed viral wedding dance routine with ease.  From fairy lights to miniature circus masters, this couple has a sense of style and fun that will inspire brides and grooms for years to come.

So what elements are needed in order to pull off the wedding of the century in your own backyard?
1. You must have an original idea or concept.  A wedding in your backyard can still be an elegant affair, you just have to know how to add the perfect touches.

  1. Fill your backyard with pieces and decor that make a statement.  The more unique the decor, the more gasps of enthusiasm will fill the air.  You do not have a have a million dollar budget to pull this off.

3. Create characters.  Do not get so caught up in the art of decorating that you forget that characters are what make the party.  Whether your characters are circus masters, or the flower girls and ring bearers, you need someone other than the bride to make a grand entrance into the ceremony too.

4. Have a themed reception.  In the case of Shane and Jaime, they invited their guests to join them under the “Big Top” after their ceremony.  The vintage posters, well-placed décor, and lighting turned this quaint gathering into the talk of the town.

No matter how big or small your wedding budget is, you can pull off the event of the year in your own backyard with the right idea.  Let your creativity run wild!  Do you have creative backyard wedding memories?  Make sure you share pictures and tell us about them in the comments section.
Source: www.ryanpolei.com

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