7 Hot Hairstyles for 2019 if You Have a Longer-Shaped Face

Liv Tyler   (Credit Glamourmagazine)

We recently posted an article about how the bob was making a comeback for 2017, but we also mentioned that this style of haircut doesn’t suit every shape of face, especially a slightly longer one. However, we didn’t want anyone to feel left out of what you can do for the coming year, and so we have selected 7 great hairstyles to give you confidence and inspiration for a change of look, starting with the beautiful Liv Tyler. Definitely a case of bangs with a bang! Liv has changed her hairstyle over the years, more often favouring the more natural and uncut centre parting with long flowing tresses, but here the bangs certainly accentuate her longer face.

Stella Tenant  (Credit: cosmopolitan)

Of course you can either try to mask the shape of your face, or go in the other direction and accentuate it, as you can see here with this stylish messy pixie of the model Stella Tenant.

Giselle Bündchen (Credit: cosmopolitan)

Long hair needn’t be plain and boring with the standard center parting. With a little careful crafting and creation of a slightly longer-than-usual bang resting on the cheekbones, natural can still have plenty of style, as you can see with Giselle Bündchen’s tumbling locks.

Kim Kardashian   (Credit: cosmopolitan)

Whether your hair is naturally long, or you use extensions, here Kim Kardashian beautifully demonstrates the cleverness of a dual layer of cut, the first lying at the bottom of her chin line. For the slightly more elongated face, this creates a perfect balance.

Megan Fox   (Credit: cosmopolitan)

Plain and simple can be as effective and dramatic as a highly stylized cut, as you can clearly see with Megan Fox’s stunning look. A long and uncomplicated pony tail from hair swept back behind the ears is a wonderful way to show off your face, though sadly not all of us look like Megan Fox!

Eva Longoria   (Credit: cosmopolitan)

Taking the pony tail a lot further than Megan Fox, here Eva Longoria has gone for a more sophisticated one-sided ‘schoolgirl’ ponytail falling off her right shoulder. This has a youthful and playful look to it, once again helping to accentuate her beautiful high cheekbones.

Ali Larter   (Credit: cosmopolitan)

And finally we have a more textured lob, the next stage on from a bob. The beauty of the textured lob is that it allows for more movement, enabling it to provide a slightly fuller appearance to a longer face.

So what about you? Is your face more longer in shape or do you have friends who might enjoy looking at the selection of seven great hairstyles we’ve put together for you?

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