A Magical Wedding Venue – Complete with Unicorns!

We have all used our imaginations to picture what our wedding day could look like, but even if stretched to the limit it would be impossible to come close to recreating the mystical and magical environment that exists at Aynhoe Park on the edge of the Cotswolds in England. This has to be one of the most remarkable venues for a wedding and reception anywhere in the world!

Aynehoe Park has been in existence since 1615 but has changed considerably over the centuries. More recently and up until 2003 the property had been divided into flats, but over the last 10 years the new owner has turned the restoration of Aynehoe Park into a labour of love. As a consequence, and in the process, this has become one of the most exclusive wedding venues in the country, if not the world.

Of course eccentricity is very much a recognised character trait of the British and it should therefore come as no surprise to discover some of the most bizarre and fanciful ‘fixtures and furnishings’ that have been part of the property’s character for many, many years so don’t be surprised if you walk into one room and are greeted by a polar bear draped in a Union Jack or find a hippopotamus head mounted on a wall alongside a number of other exotic creatures.

Of course on such a special day as your wedding you are certainly going to want to find somewhere you can escape from the sense of theater going on around you and though a number of the bedrooms and reception rooms continue the somewhat eccentric theme, there are also a good number of more traditional style rooms you would expect to find in a stately home, somewhere less busy where the bride-to-be can relax and get ready for the most special event of her life.

As you will see below, the number of remarkable photographs of this unbelievable wedding venue could go on forever, but we think the selection we have chosen you will love to share with your friends, and especially anyone who you know is getting married soon!

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