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Cleverly Creative Color Contrasts – Make Your Own “Wow!” Statement

Photo by Beccy Smart Photography – Search eclectic hallway and landing pictures

How often do we look at interior design magazines and think how wonderful it would be to have something special of our own at home, but we get scared off because everything looks so expensive to achieve? Well don’t worry as we think we have something for everyone with our selection of unusual, but not overly-complicated interior decorating ideas. Take our first one for example. If you have a confined space, the temptation is to paint it in a light colour. However why not be bold and challenge the norm as you can see with this stunning slate-gray hallway. Clever huh?

Can’t decide between white and coloured walls or woodwork? Well why not combine the two and have horizontal stripes? We love this yellow and white combination which really challenges your visual senses, but without being too loud. Great for a cloakroom!

Photo by Emily Elizabeth Interior Design – Search contemporary cloakroom design ideas

Got a narrow room like a galley kitchen and want to do something different and imaginative with it? Who says each wall has to be the same color, and by that we mean the whole of one wall, not different individually colored walls? This clever idea takes your eyes away from the narrowness of the kitchen and instead gives it more a feeling of space, which we think works really well?

Photo by David Churchill – Architectural Photographer – Discover contemporary kitchen design ideas

Are you fed up with the kids drawing on the walls? Problem solved with this seriously child-friendly idea so why not turn one wall into a giant chalkboard? And the rules don’t say it’s just for the kids either. What a fabulous idea when you have friends round for dinner to get their creative juices flowing and invite them to ‘decorate’ the kitchen for you while you cook.

Photo by SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C. – Discover coastal kitchen design ideas

Be smart and match your ceiling to the floor. We are all so used to seeing white ceilings, but why follow convention all the time. Admittedly in a large room having a dark ceiling might feel oppressive, but in a smaller area, such as a hallway, you can make a statement without shouting it from the rooftops!

Photo by Chantel Elshout Design Consultancy – Browse traditional hallway and landing photos

Go real funky and make a splash in the bathroom or shower room, literally! If you are used to taking a shower first thing in the morning this is where you can set the tone for your day. Why not be bold and funky, have fun and do something different, yet something that isn’t complicated? Here you can see a fabulous one-piece solid green shower panel which superbly offsets the bright orange of the shower attachments – these colors aren’t just for kids you know!

Photo by Found Associates – Look for contemporary bathroom pictures

These are just some simple, uncomplicated and effective uses of colour in your home. All we want to tell you is that it doesn’t cost a fortune to transform a room, so why not share these ideas with your friends and see what they think – you can never have too any opinions……

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