Cuteness Overload from Reuben the Banana Eating Bunny

Cuteness Overload from Reuben the Banana Eating Bunny

It’s not often a fifteen second video can leave a lasting impression in you, but spend a few seconds watching Reuben, the rex rabbit, eating a banana and it is an image that will stay with you for a long time. Of course we understand that if anyone asked you if you wanted to watch a rabbit eating a banana then the chances are you would pass on the opportunity. After all what’s to see?

But then there are rabbits and there are rabbits, and where the X-factor is concerned, Reuben has it in spades. Cute, cuddly and oozing with ‘I want one of those’ appeal, Reuben is a star and likely to become an internet sensation all on his own, well providing there is an unlimited supply of bananas available of course! We guess his sheer delight is through having spent a lifetime eating nothing but carrots and lettuce, so to discover the joys of a banana must have been a real treat.

Rabbits are becoming more and more popular these days as house pets and believe it or not, you can actually house train them. They are incredibly clean and very uncomplicated to look after as long as you keep them well-groomed and make sure their teeth are kept short with plenty of crisp vegetables to eat. Imagine the look on the face of your friends when they come round to see you, only to be greeted by a gorgeous long-eared bundle of fur hopping around the place.

One thing’s for sure. If you know someone who is feeling low or you simply want to make your friends smile and go “Awww….” then share this video with them and help to make their day just that little more enjoyable.

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