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Declutter your Hallway for a Fabulous Welcome Home

Photo by Mowlem & Co – Search traditional entrance pictures

Let’s face it, after a long day at work all we want to do is get home and get on with living as opposed to doing. However, the moment we open our front door, we can either smile with delight, or frown at all the mess and clutter all over the place. The entrance to your home sets the tone for the whole place, so why not take some extra thought and care in finding a solution to a cluttered entrance? From the straightforward and practical to the clever and unusual, we have a great selection of ides to get you thinking.

As you can see from our main photo, storage doesn’t have to be dull and practical. Why not turn your storage ideas into a design project to transform your hallway from a boring practical space into an area that welcomes your home and invites your guests in? Why not have an individual basket for everyone to put their shoes and boots in, well out of the way? Don’t cram coat hooks closely together but leave space between them to save creating an overloaded heap of coats and jackets. A big shelf high up is a great way to clear the floor of clutter and keep clutter out of the immediate line of sight.

Photo by Nic Darling – Look for industrial staircase design inspiration

Fed up with falling over bikes when you get home? If you’ve got a staircase, here’s the perfect answer for you, and a great way of creating a sense of space if you currently have the more traditional boxed in cupboard.

Photo by Billinkoff Architecture PLLC – Search contemporary staircase design ideas

The biggest mistake you can make with understairs storage is to have just one cupboard door. That means you have to scramble past everything in the doorway to get to something hidden in the dark recesses at the back. Here you can see just how effective and simple multiple doors can be. We love this idea!

Photo by LEIVARS – Discover traditional entrance design ideas

If you’ve got a recess in your hallway, why not treat the hallway the way you would any other room in your house and put some furniture in it? Here you can see how effective a small seat with boxed storage to keep clutter out of sight is, leaving you space for the essentials. Very pretty, and you can’t say that about many hallways!

Photo by Tom Stringer Design Partners – Browse traditional staircase photos

Rather than having doors, why not put drawers into the space under your stairs? We are all so used to seeing a single door we forget there are alternatives and, as you can see from above, you can create full height storage, using every inch of space under your stairs. Clever huh?

Photo by CG&S Design-Build – Search contemporary hallway and landing pictures

Narrow hallways always pose a problem and are often the ones that become the most cluttered. Don’t be afraid to run a narrow full-length cupboard with either swing or sliding doors to put everything out of site. It may make the hallway seem narrower, but it will look much prettier and without the clutter, seem bigger.

A messy hallway is always a nightmare to deal with, so why not take positive steps to doing something about yours – share this with your friends and see what they think.

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