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DIY Your Sneakers and Create Your Own Brand!

Nike, Adidas, Convers or Asics, just the mention of these names will have your wallet squealing in fear – yes, they may be cool brands and trendy beyond words, but what if your wallet really doesn’t want to come out to play and your budget can’t stretch to $100 for a pair of shoes? And if you’ve got kids, well then you are really in trouble as they get through trainers like there is no tomorrow – either through wear and tear, or even if they are super-careful of their prized trainers, their feet still have a habit of growing a size every year.

So what’s the solution? Well, where girls are concerned, and especially little ones, why not get creative and start to build your own brand with your own personal style. Thanks to Brooke of WhatsUpMoms you are about to discover that transforming a pair of inexpensive plain white trainers into something special is not as hard as you may think. With some simple materials, a few reusable items like a pair of scissors, modelling knife and paint brush, you’ve got pretty much all you need, oh and some fabric glue – most important. And as a few people have asked under the video, fabric glue is your only real option as it spreads easily and is effective as an adhesive, but most important of all, it dries perfectly clear.

How cool is that – the only thing that is holding you back now is your imagination, and if you are worried you might ruin a perfectly good pair of new sneakers, why not see if you can upgrade an old pair first. That way you might get a few more months’ use out of them, and they will help you learn a new DIY skill into the bargain.

We think this is a great money-saving idea, which is what DIY is all about, so why not let your friends see what you have discovered – we think they’ll really appreciate it.

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