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Even Cupcakes Are Getting the Star Wars Treatment!

Have you noticed that just about everything in the shops at the moment is connected to Star Wars and of course we know why. Because the kids (and some of us who haven’t quite grown up yet!) love anything and everything connected to the film. However, there is one huge problem. The cost of anything with a Star Wars theme is usually a lot more expensive, so there is a price to pay if you are trying to keep the younger members of your family quiet and happy – not always an easy task, we know.

But, thanks to Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, help is at hand with something far nicer than anything you can buy in the store – Star Wars-themed cupcakes. These are ideal if your kids are having some friends round for the afternoon, if you want to put a surprise treat in their lunch box, or if you just want to make some cupcakes with them – after all, who doesn’t like a cupcake of three! And what is great to see that not only do we have Jenn from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio, but we also have the Internet Queen of cupcakes lending us a helping hand, Elise from My Cupcake Addiction.

Baking like this is fun, with a capital F, and rather than concentrating on just the one style of cupcakes, they are going to make a fabulous five different types, including Jawa, R2D2, Light Sabers, Chewbacca, and TIE Fighters. Aside from the fact that they always help out by putting the recipe under the ‘More’ tab below the YouTube video, Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio also realise that none of us are professional bakers or cake decorators, so nothing is ever too complicated and ‘that’s good enough’ is all you need to achieve – after all, they aren’t going to hang around for very long, are they?

Know anyone else with a Star Wars-mad family? Why not share this video with them and who knows, next time you visit there may be a tasty treat waiting for you – and don’t tell us you’re too old for Star Wars – nobody is!

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