Five of the Most Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes

Five of the Most Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes
Sometimes you want to go against the grain and try something different, especially when your guest of honor is habitually untraditional.  In these moments, baby shower cupcakes come to the rescue.  The great thing about baby shower cupcakes is that each cupcake can have its own unique, personality.  If the mom-to-be in your life appreciates variety, I have several, great ideas that will keep her satisfied.  A baby shower cupcake just is not a baby shower cupcake, without a fabulous topper.  There are so many adorable toppers to choose.  If you really want to wow your baby shower guests, choose from my five top picks for the best baby shower cupcake ideas ever.
Top Five Creative Baby Shower Cupcakes
1. Binky Pooh Baby Shower Cupcakes

If you are a DIY enthusiast at heart, one of my favorite sites for cupcake decorating ideas is  The site offers directions on how to make fabulous baby shower cupcake decorations that are as cute as a button.  One of my favorite cupcakes to make is Binky Pooh Baby Shower Cupcakes.  These cupcakes can be any flavor and give you the license to be over-the-top without seeming that way.  To make these cupcakes you will want to purchase candy pacifiers.  If you are good at drawing, you can create the most adorable baby faces with a candy pacifier where the mouth should be.  Another fun activity is to bake plain cupcakes and turn your Binky Pooh Baby Shower Cupcakes into a game.  Have your guests draw their own little cutie cupcake; the winner will have the cutest cupcake creation of all.
2. Alphabet Block Cupcakes

If you are a child of the seventies or eighties, you are familiar with little wooden block toys with the letters of the alphabet on them.  Alphabet Block Cupcakes are a tasty replication of this popular childhood toy.  I cannot remember if the blocks were a Fisher Price product, however, in popularity, every child had a set; much like every child had Garbage Pail Kids trading cards in elementary school.  This is a special blast from the past cupcake that any mom-to-be would enjoy.  Crown yourself the queen of childhood memories and put these cupcakes on your menu.  They are such a fun treat.
3.    Little Peeper Baby Shower Cupcakes

Little Peeper Baby Shower Cupcakes are the cutest cupcakes that you will ever see.  It is not shocking that many people do not want to eat these cupcakes upon seeing them.  Make sure you make an extra batch for those who want to take one home to show their coworkers, family, and friends.  If you want to lock in your spot as the group “go to” baby shower baker, these cupcakes are a sure ticket to stardom.  The best thing about these cupcakes is that they are not difficult to make, but they look like you spent all day in the kitchen perfecting, each and every one of them.
4.    High-Rise Nursery Cupcakes

When you are expecting a crowd and you have limited space to work with, high-rise nursery cupcakes are the perfect choice.  These adorable cupcakes feature a tucked-in baby on top in a tower formation.  You can bake a number of cupcakes and put one at each end of the table.  If small children attend and you are concerned about them tipping over the tower, put them on your adult tables while supplying the children with a flat surface to choose their cupcakes.  These cupcakes will put a smile on everyone’s face.
5.    Baby Bear Cupcakes

What is a baby shower without a baby bear theme?  These baby bear cupcakes will make your guest of honor “beary” happy.  If you want something that is creative, but simple and easy to make, these cupcakes are the way to go.  You can choose a theme of pink or blue, or both depending on if there will be a baby sex reveal at the shower.  You do not want the food to give the secret away unless you are using it for the reveal.
Overall, is my number one choice for baby shower cupcakes.  If you are not the best cook, the site even offers online classes.  Enjoy the baby shower and surprising your guests!

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