Hot Summer Style for Not So Warm Summer Days

Hot Spring Style for Not So Warm Spring Days

When you live in a northern country, the term “spring” is often just a date on the calendar until you feel the heat that justifies the change of season, which often happens right around summertime.  As my western neighbors are battling yet another “late snow”, I leave you with this, “how to dress for spring when it does not feel, or look like spring outside”.  For those of you living in a mountainous region, you know that it can very well be 70 degrees outside, with a wealth of snow starting to melt as well.  Today, this style guide is dedicated to you, who are torn between winter gear and summer fun!

In times like these I prefer to stay stylish, warm, and colorful in a way that defies the snow and cold.  As the sun comes out and your region of the country remembers it is supposed to be spring, I love giving the snow a bit of contrast with your outfit.  The first two outfit suggestions are for true pros who live in ice skates and heels all year long.  Congratulations, you have pinned down the art of balance and you have earned a nice heeled bootie.  For those of you who need a little more practice, have no fear I have another fab outfit for you.

Let’s hear your flawlessness roar with a nice pink pop of color.  While these outfits are functional, they are also super cute and stylish defiance to wear in the face of a not so spring day.  I hope my tutorial has given you a few ideas about how to fight back when the weather is not quite cooperating with the date on the calendar.  Make sure you send in your tips and spring/winter outfit ideas that get you through strange weather days.

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