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How to Create Amazing Marble Nail Polish Designs Like a Pro

How to Create Amazing Marble Nail Polish Designs Like a Pro
We are sure that you have looked with envy at all the perfect marble nail polish designs on Pinterest and have wondered how to replicate the look yourself. DIY nail guru, Karen Pierce, has an awesome tutorial that shows you everything that you will need to create these flawless marble-effect nails. Her tutorial is easy to follow, and includes all the details that are often missing from Pinterest photos that make marble nails look so easy to create. What we like about the tutorial most of all is that Karen is very honest in saying it is not as easy as it looks. She also provides a few missing details that really help to prevent creating a mess, wasting nail polish, and for avoiding nail polish making contact with your skin. Having received over 30,000 likes for the video we showed you on Black and White water marble nail art, we’re pretty convinced you’ll enjoy this one just as much.
Now you can wow your friends with exotic nail designs that you can honestly say you created yourself. We also think that adding embellishments to the finish would be really cute. Whether you add gemstones or little smiley faces, marble is a great base design for your nails. Once you have completed your nails, the added protection of a top coat is an excellent idea to preserve them as well, after all it is a look you want to show off for as long as possible. Lastly, if you simply want to go with the false nail approach, this would by far be the easiest way to create this great marble-effect look. If you have created your own marble nail designs, we would love for you to share them on our comments section so we can see what designs you all come up with. After all, no two are going to be identical, are they?

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