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How to Create Amazing Nail Polish Colors at Home

How to Create Amazing Nail Polish Colors at Home

If you love to wear makeup, then you know exactly what I mean when I say, “Something needs to happen with all the old eye shadow colors that I have!”  Some of the colors you have were meant to complement a prom dress, bridesmaid dress, graduation robe, and more.  Some of you even have a mother, or other relatives with an overflowing supply of old eye shadow.  If you need a container to hold all of your old eye shadow, this DIY tutorial is perfect for you. Creating fabulous nail polish colors from your old eyeshadow is very easy, quick, and affordable.  This is a perfect slumber party idea for your daughter’s, birthday party makeover booth idea, and much more; it is also fun to create your own fantastic colors too.  Warning, this can become quite addicting.

If you prefer organic, chemical-free makeup, this tutorial works just as well.  Personally, I am a Julep fan.  This tutorial is perfect for creating new nail colors on the go, or even going to the store and custom creating colors that you really like as you glance in at the eye shadow.  Now you don’t have to spend hours looking for the “perfect color”, you can create it at home.  This is also great for creating nail color that matches your eye shadow.  You only need a large pinch of eye shadow, about the size of a dime, in order to create enough color for a bottle of nail polish.  Once you are done mixing your polish, putting it back in the bottle is quick and easy with a baby medicine dropper.  You can easily pick one up at any drug store if you do not have one, the pharmacist usually gives them out for free.  Remove the label from your polish, and you have your own custom nail polish to show off to your friends.  If you try my DIY video please leave a comment showcasing your hot nail colors, I would love to see them!

Here is a list of the items you will need:

  • Clear Coat Polish

  • Old Eye Shadow

  • Thumb Tack or Equivalent

  • Glass Mixing Container

  • Baby Medicine Dropper

How to Create Nail Polish Colors:

  1.  Put a large pinch of eye shadow into the chosen glass container you will be mixing polish in.  If you have powdered eye shadow this step is easy.  If you have traditional eye shadow use a tool such as a thumb tack to remove eye shadow to easily turn it into powder form.  Use back of thumb tack to crush any large pieces into powder form.
  1. Empty your bottle of clear coat polish into the glass container and stir immediately with wand until mixture is well mixed.
  1. Use baby medicine dropper/syringe to transfer the polish back into your nail polish bottle.
  1. Use cotton swabs and nail polish remover to clean your glass container so it is ready for you to create your next polish.
Using Your Polish:

Be sure to shake your polish well before each use.  As you can see, the eye shadow settles at the bottom of the polish.  I laid my polish on it’s side to illustrate the amount of eye shadow that settled in my polish.  Thanks for checking out my DIY nail color blog, if you love this idea, make sure you share my blog post with a friend!

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