How to Create a Fabulous, Date Night, Longline Shirt Look

How to Create a Fabulous, Date Night, Longline Shirt Look

Finding the perfect look for date night can be a real struggle when you are all out of creative ideas.  It is hard to dress to impress when your man has already seen 90% of what you have in your closet.  If you are looking to make a “wow” entrance, and have a night that is filled with compliments, this springy and cute, longshirt date night look, is perfect for you!

If you love to raid your man’s closet to create a unique “boyfriend look”, ladies look and listen, Q2 is selling a longshirt that was created specifically with you in mind.  This fab longshirt is sheer, feminine, and everything that a girl wants.  What a marvelous find to wear on a slightly breezy, spring day.  Marilyn Monroe is not the only girl who can make standing in a breeze look glamourous!

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How to Create a Fabulous, Date Night, Longline Shirt Look:
You will want to choose a form-fitting bodycon dress.  Whether you go with a leggy look, or the classic, hourglass silhouette, with a skirt that drops below the knee, all eyes will be on you!   Remember, you have plenty of sheer, peek-a-boo fun to work with.  If you really want to “work the look” pair it with a pencil skirt and a crop top.  Just to add a bit of contrast, and make the crop top pop, chose one that is black with a white pencil skirt.

The second statement piece of this ensemble has to be the shoes.  With this long, flowy look, your feet will also stand out as the center of attention as onlookers take in the full view of your outfit.  Be sure you give people a reason to give you a double take.  Finish your look off with an oversized clutch, and a divine hairstyle.  Ah, yes you are the star of the evening!  If you purchase the shirt and give my fashion advice a try, be sure to leave comments with your photos on my article.  I would love to see how you “worked the shirt”!

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