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How to Create the Perfect Loop Waterfall Braid

How to Create the Perfect Loop Waterfall Braid

If you are not a fan of Cute Girls Hairstyles on Youtube, you are truly missing out on a great hairstyle ideas for little girls.  This Youtube channel is truly a lifesaver for moms everywhere, especially those who have a girl for the first time.  One of the most fun hairstyles on the channel is the perfect loop waterfall braid.  If you are looking for the perfect hairstyle for your little girl for an event such as a wedding, this style is perfect!

What I love most about the Cute Girls Hairstyles channel is that every step to create flawless hairstyles are reviewed in full detail.  No one likes a tutorial that skips steps leaving you to try to figure out what happened between step 1 and 3.  Additionally, the channel owner will actually answer questions when you leave them in the comments section of the Youtube video if you need a little more help.  I would love to see the events you use this hairstyle for this summer.  Be sure to leave a comment and a photo if you decide to use this hairstyle.

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