How to Create a Sexy, Full, Ponytail Like Beyonce’s Without Extensions

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Beyonce’s simple, yet chic, high ponytail look was the talk of MetGala 2015; right next to her ravishing Givenchy gown that on normal terms would seem out of place given her hairstyle, but Beyonce somehow flawlessly pulled it off.  I think every woman who has ever had long hair in her life took a trip back to elementary school, and even high school with the “high, swinging ponytail look”.  It is just so adorable and Beyonce turned it into an chic experience.  So how can you create this look with your own, unique flair?

The Double Ponytail Trick

If you are looking for a nice, full ponytail, using your own hair, this is a nice little trick that works everytime.  Be careful to include the same amount of hair in each ponytail, and make sure your ponytails are reasonably even.  You can push up a compact pompadour and add a few curls to your ponytails for a little more appeal and glamour.
The High Ponytail for Women with Voluminous Hair

Why hello goddess, with the headful of hair that every woman wishes she had.  While getting the voluminous ponytail look may not be a problem for you, getting all that hair to cooperate might just be a problem.  Thank God for Youtube in moments like these, let’s turn a 20 minute ordeal into a quick and easy five minutes to fabulous.

These styles are quick and easy, and allow you room to make the hairstyle your own.  Do you have a fab ponytail idea you can’t wait for me to see?  Share a link or a photo in the comments!

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