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How to Have a Magical Disney-Inspired Wedding

Are you planning a truly magical wedding at Disney World?  Well now you can dress the part!  Designer Alfred Angelo, paired up with Disney in 2011 to bring you the “Disney Fairytale Wedding Dress Collection”, boasting beautiful gowns in tribute to your favorite Disney princesses.  You can go with a classic Cinderella gown, or a regal, Elsa gown from the newest set of Disney princesses.

Your merry, royal maidens will join you in absolute splendor with snazzy bridesmaid dresses that will definitely earn another wear after your wedding.  While you stand out in your royal princess wedding gown, your bridesmaid will keep the “oohs and ahhs” coming as your guest show love for their spectacular dresses.  No need to downplay your bridesmaid, I mean this is a Disney wedding after all.  There is plenty of magic to go around!

Last but not least, you must outfit the most beautiful flower girl the land has ever known, in a gorgeous flower girl dress.  Talk about feeling like an absolute princess for a day!  The flower girl dress collection will bring a huge smile to any little girl’s face.  If you want to find your little princess’s favorite dress EVER, look no further than this collection.

What would this grand affair be without equally spectacular announcements, wedding favors, and accessories?  Disney leaves no stone unturned for their special couples of the hour.  Not only will your guests save the date, they will definitely save these announcements for many years to come.  Your Disney wedding will be the talk of many generations.  So, do you want to get started with planning your dream wedding?  Visit the Disney wedding website to get started!  Don’t forget to take plenty of pictures to share with me, your fairy Godmother of Disney ideas!

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