How to Put on Your Summer Face- Summer Makeup Tutorial

Summer is right around the corner, and if you are new to using makeup, there are a few tips and tricks that you should know about. News flash, your makeup face does not stay the same no matter what the season, or weather is. Today, I am going to share tips and tricks for all skin types about how to put on a fantastic summer face, with the help of a few Youtubers!

1. Combination Skin Summer Face

When you have skin that does not fit into one category, you have what is considered combination skin. There are special products and methods designed for your skin that you will need to use when putting your summer face on.

2. Oily Skin Summer Face

When you have oily skin, your makeup face can be a challenge overall. Tune into this tutorial to find tips and tricks that will help you decrease the oily residue in your skin, and increase the flawlessness of your makeup job!

3. Dry Skin Summer Face

Having dry skin can put a damper on having a dewy and bright, summer complexion. But this does not mean you should retreat in defeat. This tutorial will show how to give your skin a bright and summery flair that you will love!

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