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It’s Official – Bobs are Back for 2019

Christina Milian

For those of you wondering what the hairstyle for 2017 is going to be, the popular choice would seem to indicate that the bob is back, and with a vengeance! Perhaps we really ought to be asking ourselves if it really went away in the first place though as it is without doubt one of the most flattering hairstyles around, suiting all hair colours and types, from blond to brunette and fine to coarse hair. And as for the face type it suits best, well those with a heart-shaped or slightly rounded face seem to benefit the most – think more Christina Milan than Eva Longoria if you know what we mean.

Jessie J                                                (Credit

Of course the bob doesn’t have to be the free-flowing style exemplified by Jenifer Aniston when it first hit the scene. Here the oh-so-gorgeous Jesse J makes a dramatic statement with a slick-back look of her famous jet-black hair, and doesn’t she look fantastic? It just takes a little daring and a want to be just a little bit (not dramatically) different and the results can be astonishing.

Ciara      (Credit

Bobs are great whether cut to inch-perfect precision as we can see from this immaculate look presented by Ciara. With high pronounced cheekbones this is the perfect cut to compliment her stunning looks and heart-shaped face – it is hard to imagine her with a more perfect hairstyle.

Rita Ora    (Credit

The total opposite to Ciara’s hairstyle is that sported here by Rita Ora. Carefully styled, yet with the more uneven and ‘unkempt’ look, once again the bob is well suited to the slightly more rounded face. However, with Rita Ora you’ll have to be quick to see her with a bob cut as this girl changes her hairstyle as often as we change our underwear!

Have a look at the great selection of bob styles we have included for you below (all images courtesy of ‘Look’ magazine) and share these with your friends to see which style they think would suit you best. After all, spring’s just round the corner, and that means time for a new hairstyle……

Kylie Jenner   (Credit

Ashley Graham    (Credit

Taylor Swift    (Credit

Sarah Hyland    (Credit

Jennifer Lawrence    (Credit

Vanessa Hudgens     (Credit

Kaley Cuoco    (Credit

Alice Eve     (Credit

Emma Willis    (Credit

Alexa Chung    (Credit

Emilia Clarke   (Credit

Britney Spears     (Credit

Alesha Dixon     (Credit

Nicole Kidman    (Credit

Jourdan Dunn     (Credit

Anne Hathaway    (Credit

Gemma Arterton    (Credit

Katy Perry     (Credit

Jessica Alba    (Credit

Kelly Rowland    (Credit

Hayden Panettiere    (Credit

Katie Holmes      (Credit

Nicole Richie     (Credit

Ciara        (Credit

Arizona Muse     (Credit

Rihanna    (Credit

Natalie Portman    (Credit

Michelle Dockery    (Credit

Karlie Kloss       (Credit

Rosario Dawson        (Credit

Jessie J       (Credit

Fearne Cotton     (Credit

Pixie Lott      (Credit

Keira Knightley    (Credit

Jessie J          (Credit

Jaime King       (Credit

Jennifer Aniston        (Credit

Jessica Alba      (Credit

Victoria Beckham      (Credit

Emma Roberts             (Credit

Alexandra Burke       (Credit

Emily Blunt     (Credit

Rose Byrne        (Credit

Jaime King        (Credit

Nicole Richie        (Credit

Victoria Beckham             (Credit

Gwyneth Paltrow       (Credit

Maggie Gy        (Credit

Selena Gomez (Credit

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