Kanye West Due to Announce Jurassic World is the Most Epic Movie of All Time

Kanye West Due to Announce Jurassic World is the Most Epic Movie of All Time

In a weekend opening that absolutely smashed all hope for the comeback of Star Wars via Disney, Jurassic World opened this weekend with a jaw dropping $511 million dollar debut. So let’s imagine how this news went over as the weekend is technically still not over yet. James Cameron fell into the nearest seat he could find after hearing the news that his beloved Avatar is now looking amazingly amateurish behind the mega openings that Avengers and now Jurassic World had.  Hmmm James, it would seem you need to get to work as quickly as possible on Avatar 2.

Kanye West immediately went on the hunt for a speech he could disrupt in the movie arena to announce the glory of Jurassic World and how ridiculous it is that some other person is receiving an award instead of the whole cast and all involved in the making of Jurassic World.  Disney immediately started having second thoughts about the newest installation of Star Wars and called George Lucas in for a consultation.

Meanwhile fans everywhere who did not get a chance to squeeze into movie theaters yet are finding their way to the nearest line to get an eyeful of this beloved movie.  Without giving too much away (NO spoiler alert) it is a common opinion that the acting in the movie was a bit lacking, but the experience overall was no disappointment.  But then again, when you consider the epic casts that the first movies had, the current cast was up against some pretty stiff competition.

Overall the reloaded version of Jurassic World did not disappoint, in fact just like Avatar, there will definitely be a line of people waiting to see the movie again if for nothing else, the thrills and visual effects alone.  Have you gone to see Jurassic World yet?  We want to hear your take on the movie from 3D effects to the storyline.

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