Lessons from Kerry Washington on How to Be Maternity Wear Fab

Lessons from Kerry Washington on How to Be Maternity Wear Fab
It is no secret that Olivia Pope is the queen of the screen when it comes to hot and stylish wardrobe choices on set.  Her choice of clothing off screen is equally impeccable as she continues, even in pregnancy, to stun her fans and followers with her taste in fashion.  Kerry Washington is showing Kim Kardashian a thing or two about how to be pregnant and fabulous.  After Kim displayed an array of horrid maternity missteps, many pregnant women lost hope that being pregnant and fashionable was possible, but then there was Kerry.
Let us review Kerry’s steps to maternity fashion success.

1. Clothing that Fits Appropriately

Unlike Kim K, Kerry would never shove clearly swollen feet into a pair of swanky heels.  Kerry has mastered the art of presentation, and knows, just because it looks good on the shelf, does not mean it will look good on her.  Secondly, Kerry is wise enough to know that a pregnant body does not bode well with tight clothing.  Her choice of polka dots with kick of flair is a win!

2. If You are Going to Show Off, a Little Goes a Long Way

Kerry hit the jackpot at the SAG Awards with her fun maternity midriff look.  Kerry covered up just enough to make an exceptional fashion statement for all the pregnant ladies all over the world.  She showed the world that even a pregnant woman can become the darling of the red carpet, and she can still turn heads too.
3. Your Outfit can be Sleek, and You can be Pregnant

A well-placed shawl does a pregnant woman good.  Kerry’s sleek, Golden Globe, red carpet appearance was a hit.  Kerry’s seamstress gave her look just the right amount of give, take, and coverage.  Kerry’s gown hugs her figure just enough to give her the desired effect that she was going for.  We love it!
At the end of the day, Kerry Washington’s maternity lessons on the red carpet can be applied  to your everyday wear as a pregnant woman.  While these looks are a little more winter appropriate, regardless of all the snow, ice, and the polar vortex, spring and summer will be coming soon.  You can easily echo Kerry’s looks with a maxi dress and a light jacket, or a baby doll style dress.  Kerry gives us hope that pregnant does not doom us to nine months of tasteless fashion.  I hope these highlights gave you a few ideas about how to spice up your maternity closet, and look fabulous while doing it.

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