Opi Nail Polish Paint Colors

5 Awesome DIY Bathroom Ideas with Paint Colors Inspired by Opi Nail Polish

Have you ever stopped in the midst of painting your nails, and looked at the beautiful color palette wishing you could paint your walls, or objects in your house the same color?  Thanks to Clark + Kensington and OPI nail polish, it is now possible to transfer the fabulous and rich colors from your nails to your walls.  The pair of companies have created several bathroom décor ideas using a wide swath of lovely nail polish inspired colors that will make your bathroom one of the most popular rooms in your house.  Get your notepad ready so you can jot down the amazing colors and DIY ideas that you can create in just one day once you have your supplies ready.

1. Just Painting the Walls is Boring When You can Paint the Bathtub too

One of my favorite ideas from the series is to paint the tub.  Now understandably, depending on the make of your tub, this could prove to be an impossible task, however, with a claw foot tub, or an enclosed tub, the idea works perfectly.  The days of a boring white, or tan bathtub are over.

2. Paint the Sink Cabinet and Make Your Room Pop

There is nothing that adds a “pop” to your room like adding color in the most unexpected places.  Surprise your guests with a colorful, nail polish inspired sink cabinet that they will not be able to stop admiring.
3. Layer Alike Paint Colors like You Would the Top Coat of Your Nails

The orange-on-orange bathroom is a great representation of the “top coat” nail polish strategy when using two like-colors.  Multi-shade fun is deeply encouraged!
4. Add Bold and Bright Painted Accessories

Adding unique paintings and accessories such as a crafter ladder, or adding a dresser to your bathroom is a nice touch, especially as a woman.   This idea gives you more space to de-clutter the bathroom sink and other areas in the bathroom.
5. Multi-color Painted Wood Frames

Add your own 3D art to you bathroom by blending colors and creating your own unique 3D art out of wood frames.  Use this photo as a starting place for ideas on how to create your own beautiful shape art.
These are just a few ways that you can transfer your favorite OPI nail polish colors to the walls and objects within your bathroom with dazzling results.  You can purchase these fabulous paint colors at Ace Hardware store and find help to get started if you are a first time painter.

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