Seven People Who Absolutely NAILED the Art of Eye Shadow Art

Six People Who Absolutely NAILED the Art of Eye Shadow

For many women, eye shadow is an art in itself, as they try to figure out how to create the perfect winged eye and other maneuvers that sometimes require many minutes of concentration and do overs.  However, when you take the master minds of eye shadow art into consideration below, you will have a hard time comparing your makeup problems to their own.  One mess up with this eye shadow and you will find yourself redoing quite a bit of work.   With this in mind I had to create a tribute to these six people who absolutely NAILED the art of eye shadow!
  1. Intricate Arabian Nights- This is the Makeup that Princess Jasmine Should be Wearing!

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6.Hunger Games Inspired Eye Shadow that Beats a Flaming Dress!

 Which eye shadow art is your favorite?  Have you seen really awesome eye shadow art too?  Tell us all about it and share the photos!

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