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Smokey Eyes – a Great Look for Any Time of Day

No matter how pretty you are, it always takes a little bit of extra effort to look really good, whether it is simply when you’re going out shopping, going to work, or heading out for the evening. Often it is bad enough trying to get our hair to look good and occasionally we can struggle to perfect our make-up. Perhaps the most important and most noticeable area where we need to concentrate on great make-up is around our eyes and sees and what people notice most and what you hope your man will be staring into if you are out on a date!

Whether you are new to wearing make-up or you consider yourself a veteran, it is always good to look at advice given by others and we were particularly taken with this great video tutorial on make up for smoky eyes from Eimear McElheron. Simple but effective would be the best way to describe this extremely effective look for accentuating your eyes. Although the video says this is for beginners, often we can get into bad habits when applying make-up and it never does any harm to go back to basics just to make sure you are doing everything right.

As with all the videos we try and show you this one also has some great make up tips and ideas that you may not have considered before and the great thing here is you can see just how effective those tips are for creating the perfect look. And as for smoky eyes themselves, we are sure you will agree that this is most definitely not an OTT look and definitely a subtler style of make-up application which is great for those of you who want to enhance your looks rather than completely smother them.

Maybe you have a favorite eye make-up routine and if you’ve got some photos, why not share them with this on our Facebook page?

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