Somewhere Over the Rainbow….. is a Cake!

Ever looked at so many delicious cakes you see in glossy magazines and thought to yourself “I could never make that”? Well when you see what we have on offer for you here, that may be your first thought again, but once you have watched this brilliant video from Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio hopefully you will realise that all this fancy cake making is just smoke and mirrors and is nowhere near as complicated as it looks. However, for maximum effect, we recommend you don’t tell your friends this and instead, once you have baked your own rainbow cake, just soak up the applause and adulation.

We’re great fans of Cookies, Cupcakes and Cardio for the fact that their videos make everything look so easy, with perfect results every time. You will find that the more you watch this video, the more you will realise that it is not so much the baking that you need to learn about, but more how to make colored sponge. Who knew that actually, it is not complicated at all?

And as for the finish on the cake, well admittedly this is slightly trickier, but far from impossible and. As we all know, a little bit of practise beforehand will swiftly boost your confidence and have you creating something that looks incredibly special, not to mention totally delicious. So the final question is, when do you think this would be ideal for? A birthday, and anniversary, a celebration, a baby shower or just something to impress your friends with?

What we hope is that you like a challenge, but not one that is too difficult. We’d love to suggest you share this video with your friends, but then if you also bake the cake, you can’t then kid them all how fabulously complicated it was!

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