Summer Fashion After Pregnancy

How to Look Stylish and Great After Having a Baby: Summer Fashion after Pregnancy

Congratulations on the successful delivery of your spring, or summer baby!  Now that you are settled in with your newborn, and your uterus is quickly returning to its normal size, you are beginning to see your pre-pregnancy body beginning to emerge again.   If you are breastfeeding, you are seeing your body change even faster, and you have finally reached that awkward moment when maternity clothes do not quite fit anymore, but your normal clothing is still too small.  I have a stylish solution to your dilemma that you will love.  If you are looking for advice for summer fashion after pregnancy, that does not remind you of something you would find in your grandma’s closet listen up, I have tips based on your body type and baby weight that you will love.  I will even help you score pieces of clothing that you will have no problem getting selling once you have shrunk down to your pre-baby size.

Stylish Swimwear You Can Wear after Having a Baby

As summer comes to a close, if you have not been brave enough to score a swimming suit yet, ModCloth has a variety of awesome, retro 1950’s suits with the high waist and all.  Whether you want to be covered up, or you care comfortable with showing a little skin, these suits are modest, stylish, and make a statement.  Whether you are looking for a playful, sexy, or fun design, ModCloth has it all.  Click on these fantastic suits below to buy your favorite look.

Staying Stylish despite Feeling Frumpy from Baby Weight

It is a fact of life, if you have a baby you will naturally have some extra weight on you.  I have a few tips to hide your extra weight with style.  If most of your baby weight was gained in your mid-section, tops such as a swing front cami are an excellent choice to cover up your post baby bump.  Pair it with a great pair of shorts, jeans, or slacks and you have officially made a fashion statement.  Top your look off with great pieces of jewelry and other accessories.   Dorothy Perkins has an awesome collection of swing front camis to choose from in a wide variety of colors.

Another great way to beat the post baby bump and look great despite extra baby weight is to try a variety of maxi dresses.  The tunic style maxi dress is a great, lose fitting alternative that you can look hot in, while keeping the details of your figure out of view.  Choose a unique dress that has a great print pattern, or awesome color blocking.

I hope my advice helps you to bring the stylenista in you out in the remaining days of summer.  Congrats on your new bundle of joy and have a great summer.

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