Terrific Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

Terrific Jungle Theme Baby Shower Ideas

When you are looking for cool, baby shower ideas, you often want to try something that no one else in your circle has done before.  While you could go the old-fashioned, color-coded way, blue for a baby boy or pink for the baby girl, that would just be boring.  Creative baby shower themes make for baby showers that people remember just as much as their wedding day.  After such a grand celebration of husband and wife joining as one, why throw a boring affair to welcome their children into the world?  A baby shower should have just as much fanfare and exuberance as a bridal shower and wedding celebration.  After all, we are celebrating the arrival of a new life into the world.  With that said, how cool would it be to have a jungle themed baby shower?

Jungle Theme Baby Shower Invitations
Now The real fun begins.  Jungle theme, baby shower invitations, will be one of the most fun invitations you will ever have the opportunity to send to anyone.  There are so many different ways you can be creative with the invites.  While you could always choose to pick up ready-made jungle theme invitations from a party supply store, why not put your creative hands to work and create a few invitations yourself.  If you have artistic skills, sketch a few cute baby jungle animals on card sheets; you can color them anyway you would like to.
For an extra special twist, cut out leaf-shaped invitations from card paper and write phrases such as-
  • Join us for a wild baby shower with _______
  • Explore the wild side, with me!  Join me for a crazy, jungle-theme baby shower with _____
  • It’s roaring celebrations- Join us to celebrate the baby shower with _______
Choosing the Decorations

It is time to go wild, with decorations.  I firmly believe, when it comes to decorating for an event, you can never have too much.  For anyone who has ever seen how dense a jungle can become, you will agree when I say let your co-decorators go wild!  Decorate the walls, ceiling, floor, windows, anywhere there is room to hang, tape, or prop a decoration put one up.
Candy bar covers, hanging decorations, banners, and cupcake toppings- these are just a few of the options you have to create a jungle of a party.  Make sure everything is green and brown for a jungle theme twist.  You can also find cool, jungle-themed, printable decorations available at craft websites.  This is a simple and quick way to get ready for your jungle baby shower if you are pressed for time.

Wild Games and Music
If you have ever been to a Disney Park or any other amusement park, you know that nothing completes a theme like music.  Get everyone in a “Jungle Boogie” mood with great songs about the jungle.  Whether you choose songs from Disney’s Jungle Book, or more grown up alternatives, everyone will have fun singing their favorite jungle hits.  Stuffed animals are great prizes and double as decorations for the tropical look of your party room, complete with tree and grass props.  If you have kids in attendance, hiring someone who can make balloon animals will make the shower just as fun for the adults as it is for the kids.  Your guest of honor will not only be impressed, she will be happy to see everyone having such a good time in celebration of her new baby.
Jungle Theme Baby Shower Cake
The baby shower cake is probably going to be the most stand-out and creative part of the baby shower.  You will want to hire a bakery that has excellent and creative bakers for this cake.  Choose an awesome cake idea that will get a ‘wow’ out of your guests.  Amaze your guests with simple, yet fabulous snacks that carry inspiration from animal cookies.  Put tropical drinks in empty coconut shells- explore the wacky side of jungle and bring it to your home.
A jungle theme, baby shower does not have to be a complicated feat.  In fact, with the right plan and the best ideas, you could pull of a baby shower that no one will ever forget.

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