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The Best, Eye-Catching and Fun Basement Design Ideas

The Best, Eye-Catching and Fun Basement Design Ideas

When most people think of the basement of their home, they think of a place of fun and relaxation, a place for the whole family to kick back.  I have found the best of the best of basement ideas on that fits a variety of lifestyles and family situations.  No matter what age your kids are, you can have the basement of your dreams and their dreams too.

1. The Sports Enthusiast

Whether you love bowling or floor hockey, has brilliant basement floor plans that will make an active family beg for more.  You decide what personality your active lounge will have, one room for bowling and another for floor hockey sounds good to me!

2.  I Love Arcades!

Why take a trip to the mall when you can simply take a trip downstairs?  Or better yet, simply slide the whole way down!  This room is a load of fun for all ages, from your tiniest tot, to your oldest child.  Spending family time together has never been better with this multi-age set up.

3. The Home Movie Theater

What is a home movie theater without a ton of options for popcorn and snacks??  If you love shopping at warehouse clubs, well now those big boxes of candy have a great purpose.  Give your kids their choice of candy or popcorn and amaze your guests with a basement movie experience they will never forget!

4. The 1950’s Soda Shop

Soda pop, soda pop, so so soda pop, do wop do wop!  If you are a 1950’s enthusiast you will absolutely adore this fun set up!  Get your coins ready for the jukebox and those poodle skirts out of the closet.  It is time for dancing, high ponytails, plenty of milkshakes, and fun!

5. The Broadway Musical Buff

Hey you!  Yes, you who owns every musical from The Sound of Music to The Dream Girls.  Your dream basement has arrived in vivid color.  Being able to sing is a bonus and will give you plenty of time to become the next Broadway sensation by way of Youtube.

No matter what you imagine your “perfect basement” to be, I hope that I have given you plenty of inspiration that you can use to plan a remodel, or even the construction of your own home.  Happy building and remodeling!

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