The Perfect Make-up Look in Under 5 Minutes!

We reckon you can’t see too many make-up videos, especially if they are good ones. They are always full of great ideas and if you are lucky, you come across one where the emphasis is more on a natural look than a heavily made-up one. Thanks to LustreLux if you wake up late one morning and have a panic that you haven’t got time to put your make-up on, you can relax once you remember what you have been taught here.

Of course we accept that learning to put make-up on requires practise, but of course if you wear make-up as part of your daily routine, practising anything seven times a week can’t help but allow you to improve each time. Like so many things in life, having confidence makes so many things so much easier to achieve, and putting on make-up is no different. However, if there is nothing too complicated involved, then the tips become invaluable.

We particularly liked the use of a dab of cover up used as an inner eye brightener – not the sort of thing you would automatically think of doing – but the effect here is superb. We also liked her tips on how to apply wing liner, which she does perfectly, and learning how to rest your arm on the table while doing it will surely make for a steadier hand.

We have to admit that the finished look is fab, really fresh and bright, without the look of caked-on make-up that is often the downfall of those new to applying make-up. Clearly it is a case that even though here there are several layers of colour, they are very delicate ones, emphasizing the often quoted rule that “less is more.” And yes, we’d love to see more tips from this young make-up guru.

Talking of more, don’t forget you can see the list of all the products used if you click on the ‘More’ tab just under the video, and if you like what you see, don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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