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Three Easy Wedding Styles for Short Hair

Three Easy Wedding Styles for Short Hair

June is here and for many of you that means it is time to take your long awaited walk down the aisle.  I know that many of you have looked longingly at wedding pictures with brides with beautiful flowing long locks that you don’t happen to own yourself.  So what do you do when your hair is much less than shoulder length, and long hair seems to be the standard for beautiful bride bliss?  Before you run out to looks at weaves, hair extensions, and wigs, check out this great tutorial for how to look great with your own short hair.

Tie a knot, literally, and give your short hair a bit of bridal flair that with a couple of perfectly placed flowers and adornments will be the talk of your wedding day.  Turn your bob into fabulous for your special day with these great and easy tips you can use for everyday wear even after you jump the broom.

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